Now that our first mission is over we can take the time to explain who we are and how we got started.

We are a group of four chicks with a shared love of crochet.  Our friendships were varied before our first mission, but definitely have gotten stronger during our many meetings and extensive planning.  Together we had a strong desire to shake things up a bit and get some attention.  We also shared a disgusting amount of leftover yarn that needed a purpose.

It didn’t take long for us to decide that this particular chicken statue needed some sprucing up.  Just look him, standing there all big, chicken-like, and boring.

unsuspecting chicken

He needed help.  We toyed with a few ideas and chose to make him a colorful Bill Cosby inspired sweater.  We felt it would go with his eyes.

Knowing June 9 of this year was International Yarnbombing Day we felt that was the most logical day of the year to present our project.

After assigning different strips and lengths we individually whipped those babies out like it was our job.  It’s amazing how quickly your other afghan, scarf, and hat projects get pushed to the side when you have a chicken sweater to worry about.

Our last meeting before the big day we were beside ourselves with giddiness.  We set up this lovely blog you’re reading now, developed a little Facebook page, planned our meeting time and place, etc.  Together we are the perfect combination of OCD organization and crazy, hair brained silliness.

In order to get the buzz even more lively we made up a flier.  The flier was passed around town, hung up on anything that stood still and even mailed to local radio stations, news channels, and newspapers.

There was no turning back now.
We met our super-top-secret ninja selves up in the middle of the night.  We quickly and nervously zip tied our sweater onto the statue.  Five minutes later we collapsed in the car giggling, successful and on a major adrenaline rush.

THEN…we headed here.

Where we ate large amounts of greasy food and discussed our next Ninja mission.

So that is us…that is our story.  There are many more projects to come.  So many things in our area deserve a little fun.
Like Shel Silverstein said…. “Put something silly in the world…that ain’t been there before.”

Where would you like to see some silly?  We are open to suggestions…and keep your eyes open for the next Yarn Ninja project!



3 thoughts on “

  1. Hi, Fun stuff! Thanks for the enjoyable escapades. Maybe for your next yarn bombing, you might take a photo of one of you (incognito of course) next to the object of your fun so we get a sense of the project’s scale? We had no idea the rooster was so large until we saw your photos of you all working on the sweater on your work table…


    Steve & Sally Wharton – Seattle Real Estate Agents

    • Well Hello Steve & Sally! Thanks so much for seeking us out. So exciting to see someone from clear across the map commenting on our blog, especially since we are such newcomers. We had actually pondered and went back and forth with the posing next to it. We ended up not, in the beginning, knowing that the majority of the people who will see our stuff may know who we are even with our ninja masks lol. But your comment has me thinking, maybe we can find something to help others picture the scale of our projects! Thank you!

      Keep sending the word out, our next project is literally just around the corner so be on the look out for more pics!

      ~The Red Ninja

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