Yarn Bomb #2- Old State Capitol Plaza

So…we with our first mission behind us we were anxious to bomb something else.

Our only questions were Where and What…When knew that When had to be –as soon as humanly possibly–

So…What should we do??

Good ol’ honest Abe.

We are Springfieldians after all.  No Springfield yarn bomber could show their face in public until they had successfully yarned up an Abe statue.  We decided on this lovely trio….

That’s the happy family post-bombing.  They’re festival, ain’t they?

Here is our dear Red Ninja friend attaching Mary Todd Lincoln’s patriotic skirt.  Nimble fingers has that one!

Along with the festive Fourth of July attire for the Lincoln family we also attached a bazillion (or so…that was an estimation, obviously) pom poms to the fence along the Old State Capitol Plaza.

Each set of pom poms had a laminated tag with our blog info and our very own QR code.  eeeep!

As is now apparently our custom…we feasted big time after we finished our mission.

MMmm…biscuit and gravy special at Charlie Parker’s Diner.

Before leaving we even signed the guest book.

Hi Springfield….The Yarn Ninjas were here !!!

–the blue ninja


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