Laketown Pride!

Congratulations to our Laketown ISAT ninjas!!! You guys did so amazing on your ISAT test a ninja couldn’t just let that go without notice!! We hope you know how very proud we are of you for all your hard work and dedication. Work hard again this year and know that we think all of you (yes, you teachers too!!!) are absolutely amazing! We were so lucky to get the chance to recognize you for all the greatness that you are! GO LAKETOWN!!!!!!!

Love, Red Ninja and Orange Ninja

Fuzzy Benches!

Sorry about the poor photography, being a ninja means being out at crazy hours! Hopefully more to come!



Washington Park Tree Sock Removal

This morning the park district removed the tree socks.  So sad.  We hoped that the items would stay up at least a week, but that is a risk of yarn bombing.  We are happy that some of the items were able to be taken and enjoyed by our fans.  All 26 birdhouses were snagged by visitors by Saturday evening, and the bench cover was gone by Sunday afternoon.  Goodbye lovely tree socks.  Okay, done with the mourning.  We are already working on our next project, so if you didn’t get a chance to stop by the park, it won’t be long before you will see our work again!

-The Purple Ninja

Yarn Bomb–Washington Park Springfield, IL










What’s up, party peeps ??  It’s that time again…time for the ninjas to break out their hooks and get to crankin’ out a new project.  A fun…happy, squishable project has been in the works and we now present you with our latest adventure…..

Its been about six weeks but we were back at it bright and early this morning.

We went all ninja on the most popular park in our area. We attacked the children’s playground area.  It’s already a beautiful little cluster of swing sets and goodies…but we livened things up a tad by adding bright colors, texture and a few little gifts.

This is our most happy bomb to date.  Each tree we yarned is touchable and kid friendly.

Scattered along the huggable happiness is 26 birdhouses with instructions to “Take me”

If you can keep your hands off this fella there is something seriously wrong with ya…and you may wanna seek medical attention!  Granted…I’m a ninja and not a doctor, but I’m happy to share my opinion.

We’ve grown since our first chicken sweater fun and now have our very own QR code that links you right up with this fantastical blog….scan away.

We even threw in a bench seat warmer for good measure.







So swing on by the good ol’ park…fill your lungs with fresh outside air…and hug a tree.  You won’t regret it!

Then…while you’re feeling the Yarn Ninja love scoot yourself over to our Facebook page and give us a like…tell your friends and neighbors.




And…as always…we’re open to suggestions for our next bomb project.  Ask…you never know what we will agree to!


-blue ninja