Hint for our next target

So we know you’ve been missing us, and craving some yarn fun. We are almost ready to surprise you Springfieldians, but not quite yet. So in the mean time, the Yarn Ninjas have developed a limerick to give you a hint about our next target. See if you can figure this one out:

There once was a big tall man,
who spends his days being as tall as he can.
He’s hungry for steak,
He loves cars, ANY make,
and will soon be yarned according to plan.

So don’t worry, we are working hard, and will soon be making people smile with our colorful crochet pieces. Until then, stay funky Springfield!

The Purple Ninja


Laketown Love!

Awwww thanks for the love! It was our pleasure to decorate such a magnificent school! We are so happy you enjoyed that! Now I know all of our friends are getting excited! Where will we strike next? How about a hint for all you yarn junkies…. I have currently completed 1′ of my section on this project. My section will be about 12′ tall….. So you will have to be patient with me, but I promise you… this will be too big to miss! What could it be? Where could it be?! It might be a bit before you hear from us, but maybe we will drop a couple more hints before the BIG day. Have a happy day! Love~ Orange Ninja!