Laketown Love!

Awwww thanks for the love! It was our pleasure to decorate such a magnificent school! We are so happy you enjoyed that! Now I know all of our friends are getting excited! Where will we strike next? How about a hint for all you yarn junkies…. I have currently completed 1′ of my section on this project. My section will be about 12′ tall….. So you will have to be patient with me, but I promise you… this will be too big to miss! What could it be? Where could it be?! It might be a bit before you hear from us, but maybe we will drop a couple more hints before the BIG day. Have a happy day! Love~ Orange Ninja!


10 thoughts on “Laketown Love!

  1. Dear Yarn Ninjas,
    Thank you for all the things you gave to us. Can you take a picture of Red, Blue, Purple, and Orange ninjas for me? I want to see what you look like! Thank you so much, we appreciate it.
    Your Friend,
    Journey (3rd Grader)

  2. Dear Yarn Ninjas,
    How did you put that stuff on the trees? But they look cool because they are colorful. I wish you can do it again.
    Your Friend,
    Blake (3rd Grader)

  3. Dear Yarn Ninjas,
    Can you make me a Sackboy and his paper arrow car at my house it’s color is light blue. Sackboy and his car the seat is light green, the body of the car is white the wheels and steering wheel is yellow and the decorations are red. And make it 3D.
    Your Friend,
    Rashon (3rd Grader)

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