Never Fear, Super Lauterbach Man is Here!

This yarn bomb took a long time to make, which is why you haven’t seen us in awhile.  It started with a meeting at the local Starbucks.  Lots of drawings, notes, and somewhat questionable measurements.  We had the intel from a secret meeting with a boss man at Lauterbach Tire and Auto Service.  Assignments were handed out, and the race was on.  This was my piece:


That’s the belt.  There is also a cape, underwear (doesn’t every super hero wear their underwear on the outside of their costume?), and suspenders.  He is after all, a lumberjack.  We even have a sign in front of him with our web address on it, so if any of you got here from typing that in, let us know. 

After an initial delay in target date due to the immense size of the project, we were ready to go.  The auto guys were informed of the new date, and off we went.  This is on Wabash Avenue in Springfield, so it was pretty busy.  At least 4 different police men drove by, one questioned our motives.  And the guys next door at Brahler were quite suspicious.  There were quite a few trips up and down the ladder and some near impossible moves by the ninjas, but we did it.  We gave this lonely man a costume.

Goodbye giant lumberjack.  Hello Super Lauterbach Man!ImageImage

The Lauterbach guys will let us know when they get tired of our work, so that we can remove it.  Let them know how much you love it, and see how long we can keep it up.  Maybe he can make it to trick or treating night.  Maybe we should have given him a candy bag…
Until next time,

Stay Funky

❤ The purple Ninja


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