Penny Lane!!!

Hello fans!

So, our only yarn bomb this summer is finally complete. In 90 degree heat, we added color to the posts at Penny Lane. Post
Then we put up a spider web. And of course, a web wouldn’t be complete without a spider. 🙂

photo 1

photo 2

We thought just a normal spider wouldn’t cut it, so it has a lightning bolt on it. And a plain spider web just wouldn’t be happy enough, so ours is a rainbow.

spider web far

Spider web
All of these are yarn ninja original designs just for Penny Lane.

Penny Lane is on MacArthur Ave in Springfield, IL. If you get a chance to stop by, please do. And let us know what you think. All that we do is only to make people smile and have a better day. So, enjoy!

The Purple Ninja


Now catering to the Google+ World!

You can now find us on Google+ for you extra techie, hipster people who are only on Google+:

Keep on the look out, the next project is literally right around the corner!

Hope to see everyone around!

~The Red Ninja